Why to go to Puerto Morelos if you like snorkeling

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Why to go to Puerto Morelos if you like snorkeling

I took Monday off to work and catch up on the blog and other things I had to do.  So I went to the Coworking Orbis with James to catch up with my blogger obligations. It was raining and was a very quiet day. I did not do anything special, just work and buy the book “Narco America” (written by an old friend, Pablo Ferri). I went to the mall and can see why Cancun resembles Miami in many ways.
On Tuesday we woke up late and decided to go to Puerto Morelos, a small village between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. I was alone with Paula, we took the colectivo to Puerto Morelos (24 pesos) and then a bus and were dropped off at the village (8 pesos).
Puerto Morelos is very famous for being the second largest coral reef in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. For this reason we decided to snorkel.
As we were running errands and organizing to go to Chichen Itza the next day, we ran out of cash and didn’t have our credit cards. So we had to haggle enough for us to have the money to return to the hostel. Although they first began asking for 350 pesos, we got 230 pesos as a final price. It really helps to speak Spanish when you are negotiating, and tell them you are not a gringo. Remember to ALWAYS BARGAIN in Mexico and stick to your guns!
The tour lasted two hours. The captain and the guide took us out into the deep water, there was just Paula, me and a French guy. There they told us we should be very careful with the coral. As we were in a natural park, if we touched the floor we could destroy the ecosystem.
We saw amazing colorful fish, a sea turtle, lobsters and octopus.
The anemones and coral seabed were incredibly beautiful. I highly recommend Puerto Morelos if you are in Cancun.
Right now we are in Tulum, but in my next post I will write about one of the best days of the trip so far, our day trip to the wonderful Chitzen Itza and the cenote we visited.
María Arlandis