Tulum, ruins at the beach and cenotes

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Tulum, ruins at the beach and cenotes

After experiencing some of the best spots in Yucatán Peninsula (Chichén Itzá, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres and Punta Esmeralda) we decided to head South to explore Tulum. We heard many good things about this beautiful town and we knew it was a must in our trip.
Paula, Aoiffe, Lou, Holly, Tess, Alfonso and me went there by bus from Cancún. The roads weren’t good because of the heavy rain, so it took us 3 hours to get there, normally it takes you just 1,30 hours. We went by ADO, and took a taxi to our Hotel El Cedro. We decided to be in a hotel because it was the same price as in a hostel (185 pesos each). We got a wonderful 35m room for the 7 of us. We had a private bathroom and a huge tv, wifi and air conditioner. The only complained could be that it wasn’t very central, but luckily the guy from the hotel was ultra nice and give us a ride to the center and the next day he took us to the ruins in his truck! Thank you so much again for that! As you can see, people in Mexico are always willing to help (in Cancun they are too, but in my opinion they are way too interested in your money).
The first night we take it easy and we had dinner in a local place. We ate the best guacamole I have ever eaten in my entire life, and the rest of the food it was done in a bbq, so it was very delicious. They had vegetarian burgers too. It’s called a la vuelta Burger.
Afterwards we went to have a drink in a very cool place, Curandero, I had a Tulum passion, a drink with mezcal. Super good!! We went back to the hotel early and I fell asleep way too soon after a very long day.
The next day we woke up early to visit the ruins. The owner gave us a ride and show us around zona hotelera, it was way more nicer than Cancun Center or Cancun Zona Hotelera. All the places looked very cute and well preserved. He even took us to his beach house.
Then, we went to the ruins, The entry it’s 64 pesos. We had a great time visiting the ruins, we bought a guide and we were reading out loud. It was lovely taking a bath and  seeing the ruins from the water. Unfortunately, there was lots of seaweed there. Moreover, the fauna was cool: we saw many iguanas and little sea animals such as crabs or sea snails.
We got a deal to visit cenote 2 ojos (a huge cenote area) for just 380 pesos, because Alfonso had his Mexican student card with him. The cenotes were astonishing pretty, the first one it was inside a cave and the second one was exterior with nenufars. We had a guide who show us around for about 45 minutes. He explained us how important the cenotes and the nature are for the Mayan community. On the way back, I had the chance to interview the driver who took us to the exit of the cenote. He explained me many things about Mayan culture and how they respect and take care of nature.
 I hope you liked the article and you visit Tulum! it will be worth it!
María Arlandis