What to do in San Pedro de Atacama

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What to do in San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is a unique and charming village located in the middle of the Atacama Desert, the driest desert on Earth. When you hear this, you wonder how is possible that there are people living there, but the truth is it’s a very nice place where you have a thousand and one activities to do, but of course, it’s really hot!

Sunset - Atacama Desert

We arrived to San Pedro de Atacama from Bolivia after few incredible days touring the famous Salar de Uyuni, our eyes were loaded with surreal landscapes, and when we crossed to Chile, we continued on the same line. The same agencies that arrange the tour of Uyuni, can organize a transfer to take you to San Pedro and it takes about two hours. When you leave Bolivia, beware of the police as we were asked for money to do so, of course, we refused because this was flatly illegal. In addition, the police who told us that, wasn’t very hustler because when we gave him our Spanish passports, he began to talk to us in English!

Coming from Bolivia, which hits you the most when you get to Chile is that it is much more expensive, in fact the prices are similar to those of Spain. There we stayed at the hostel Backpackers San Pedro, the place was pretty good, it had a large outdoor area for socializing and had great atmosphere.


What I liked the most during my stay in San Pedro de Atacama was doing sandboarding in Death Valley. You slide with a board by a dune about 50 meters high with a stunning landscape in the background. Despite I fall down thousand times and dipped in batter with sand, I loved it! Then we went to the salt caves, whose walls have crystals and are very beautiful, and to finish the wonderful day, we saw the sunset at the Moon Valley while having a pisco sour.

Sandboarding - Atacama Desert

Moon Valley - Atacama Desert


The second day in San Pedro de Atacama was great too. We went to the Cejar Lagoon, yes! in the middle of the driest desert on Earth, there are lagoons! I was surprised too… In this lake you can swim and you float as it has a 30% of salt, is extremely rare because it feels like there is a superhuman force that pushes you to the surface, but it’s fun. Then we took another dip in the Ojos del Salar, which are two rounded cenotes with sweet water whose depth is unknown. And finally, we went to Tebinquinche Lagoon, a lagoon that you can cross from one end to the other walking as there is not even a foot of depth, with the Volcano Licancabur in the background, to see the sunset while also drinking a pisco sour, as you can see, the sunset is the perfect time for a pisco! I have to say that no picture can do justice to the beauty of this place, it’s just amazing.

Cejar Lagoon - Atacama Desert

Ojos del Salar - Atacama Desert

Tebinquinche Lagoon - Atacama Desert


The Atacama Desert is located in a privileged site for stargazing at night because of its particular height, dry and low light. That is why ALMA, the largest astronomical project in the world, is situated there. Few times in your life you will see such a beautiful sky of stars.


Another excursion that people usually do is visiting the geysers of Tatio, more than 4,000m high. We didn’t go because we had already seen geysers in Bolivia, but if they are as spectacular as the others then certainly are worth a visit.


The town of San Pedro de Atacama itself is also very appealing, is very small, so I recommend you to get lost in its streets and enjoy its pleasant atmosphere. Regarding the tours, the best thing you can do is to ask several agencies and try to haggle to get the best price.

Church - San Pedro de Atacama

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