Six free apps and websites to travel cheaper and smarter!

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Six free apps and websites to travel cheaper and smarter!

As a frequent traveler and travel blogger I am often asked by my friends about the best and most trendy apps to travel low-cost.

Here are six of my favorites:

Rome to Rio:

This one I discovered when I was traveling around South America earlier this year.
You write where you are and where are you going, and it will show you every single way to get there: by car, train, bus, boat, plane… you name it!



Maps.me allows you to download a map of the country you are visiting and to look at the map without internet. Moreover, you can put pins everywhere you have been to have a visual reminder of all your favorite places.


My favorite hobby when I have a bad day… checking flights in this amazing website always improves my mood! My favorite feature is that you can choose to go wherever: you just choose your departing point, and the app will tell you the cheapest destinations. I used this one feature to go on my first solo trip: I entered Madrid as my point of departure, and Mexico was the first exotic destination I found and it was just 500 euros in August 2 ways! Now as you can see at the screenshots I’m about to buy my trip to Australia to visit Ana 😀


I am pretty sure you know this app, but not everybody knows you can use it to meet up with new people, not just to stay with them. I knew I was going to be alone in Colombia for the first few, days, so I set up a notice on the app. This is how I met my lovely friend Mat: we first hung out in Bogotá and then met again in Salar de Uyuni and Cusco. Of course, you can also use it to stay with people for free, the bad side is that lately it has become a little bit creepy if you are a woman: some guys thing Couchsurfing is like tinder…



This app is a must-have when you are traveling into countries with different currencies. It’s free and always update-to-date!

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When I lived in Copenhagen (one of the most expensive cities in the world), I discovered this wonderful site. Thanks to Airbnb I could rent my room while I was traveling to be able to pay the rent even when I was away! Great for renting your place and for finding a nicer and cheaper solution than a hotel when you need a break from hostels.
If you want to use the Airbnb app, please use my link. It will give us both free money to use there.

Do you know some great apps we forgot to add to our list? Please, write us a comment and don’t forget to share this article if you think that is relevant from other travelers.

Thank you so much Steffen Lund Jørgensen for the help proofreading this article 😀

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