Puebla, wonderful gastronomy and more than 300 churches

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Puebla, wonderful gastronomy and more than 300 churches

We decided to take one day excursion to Puebla, 2 hours away by bus of Mexico City. So many people recommend Puebla to me for its famous food (mole poblano comes from here) and its radiant colonial architecture.
I took the bus in the morning with Sara and Julia, the 2 sweet Germans I met in Cancun and found again in San Cristóbal. The bus costs 150 pesos Economic class with estrella roja or 190 with ADO, so we chose estrella roja. We took the bus at the Tapo station in San Lazaro (pink line).

Afterwards we took a taxi seguro to the hostel were Robyn and Laura were waiting for us. We visited el Zocalo, the cathedral is the one with the tallest towers in South America. There were having a mass, you can see how spectacular is inside. What a marvelous organ and splendid art in gold and wood.
Next we headed to la Plaza de los Sapos and tried to go to the palafoxiam library, but it was closed because it was Monday. We went to a place that our new friend Kevin recommended us, Los Globos. There we ordered mole poblano and other typical dishes, we shared all the food the Spanish way. It was delicious, so tasty and so hard to define the mix of flavours.
We walked a lot to try to find the bus station to go to Cholula, a lovely town declared magic town by the Unesco, just 20 minutes away from Puebla. We visited the ruins of the pyramids (52 pesos) and the Iglesia del Remedio. Be ready for a lot of walking to get to the church, but you will get an impressive view of the whole area. To be hones, these ones are not the best ruins I visited, if you don’t have a lot of time or you are not a big fan of pyramids you can totally skip the inside part and visit around.
Then I bought a gorgeous bag, Mexican design for just 385 pesos (20 euros) at… The girl working there, Ana, is from Valencia and we had a lovely talk! We took the bus back to Puebla, we were lucky enought it started raining when we were already at the bus. The streets were flooded when we arrived to Puebla, so we had to be careful to not get completely wet by crossing the street. In the end we managed to cross the street and go to El mercado de los sabores (the market flavour), were I ate chilaquiles with mole and Laura ordered the famous chiles en nogales, what are pretty special to taste.
Around 8,30 we took or bus back to Mexico DF, where the rain was again waiting for us!
María Arlandis