Interview to Brooke Larson, yoga beer teacher and traveler

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Interview to Brooke Larson, yoga beer teacher and traveler


I had the chance to meet Brooke years ago in Valencia, when she was visiting Eileen, a common friend. Now Brooke is a very experienced traveler and she is the face of the popular Instagram account @BEERYOGA, creator of #BeerYoga and owner of Beer Yoga, LLC.  With over 27K followers, she is spreading her love of craft beer and yoga across the country with her “Beer Yoga” events and brewery yoga guest teachings.
You have a very international life experience, what’s the first trip abroad do you remember?
I was born in Germany but moved to the US when I was 3 years old. My father stayed in Europe and the first big trip abroad was to visit him in Luxembourg when I was 15 years old. We traveled to Paris, southern Germany and Switzerland. It was wonderful!
What tips do you have for people who want to travel and struggle saving money?
I suggest taking as many small weekend trips as you can to more local destinations. Also, take time to do things in your own city that are fun and different until you can slowly save enough money to go somewhere new for a bigger vacation. We ALL wish traveling was less expensive!
As an American, do you find it hard to save money to travel or do you think many Americans don’t?
I think it is easy for most Americans to save money for traveling but the downside for us is that we are so far away from other countries. Plane tickets almost always involve crossing an ocean and the tickets become VERY expensive and it can be discouraging for a traveler.
What’s your favorite way of traveling? Alone, with friends?
I love traveling with at least one other person. For me, there is nothing like sharing a new experience with a friend, multiple friends, a love interest or family.
Have you ever travelled alone? Where?
Yes! My parents have lived in Europe for my entire life so it brought lots of opportunities to visit. When they couldn’t take time off work, I was able to travel alone. I’ve taken trains to France, Germany and Belgium. I have also flown alone to Spain once. It was so freeing. There are many times I have traveled alone in America too. Americans love to road trip so I have driven to quite a few states.
Where do you plan to travel next?
My next trips are two weekend trips to teach yoga in Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado. Then, in August, I am traveling to visit my stepmom in Luxembourg for 2 weeks and I will be taking a road trip through France, Switzerland and northern Italy.
As a yoga instructor, would you like to travel and teach yoga at the same time? 
Yes! I have already started doing small yoga travels to teach in nearby states but I would love to travel to the coast or another country to teach yoga classes. I just renewed my European visa for 5 years so we’ll see what happens!
Could you explain our readers about your beer yoga project?
Sure! I started Beer Yoga as a joke. I took silly photos of me doing yoga poses with a beer in my hand and posted them to social media. Before long, breweries started sending me beers to post on my Instagram page when it started growing to over 10,000 followers. Once I reached 20,000 followers, I got yoga certified and decided to open Beer Yoga, LLC and teach yoga classes at breweries and bars. The classes are really fun! Everyone, from all levels of fitness can join in for a one-hour yoga class and afterwards, we get a free beer and tour of the brewery. Everyone hangs out and chats and it is a really fun experience.
What has been your best trip?
My best trip has been a one-month travel through Europe. I left for 4 weeks with only one carry-on bag and I took trains and slept at Air Bnb’s in Dublin, London, Brussels, Bruges, Luxembourg, Berlin, Munich and Vienna. It was amazing!
If you had endless money for a trip, where would you go?
If I had endless money, I would travel to the southern hemisphere. Either Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Those are so far away from the US that getting there seems impossible but it will be magical once I go.
You can follow Brooke on Instagram @beer yoga