How to visit Chichen Itza cheap!

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How to visit Chichen Itza cheap!

If you are in Cancún or Playa del Carmen, you totally have to go to. It will be one experience that you remember the rest of your life. Chichén Itzá was voted as one of the 7 wonders of the world, in 2007. It’s considered the most important monument in Mexico. It’s visited by 6000 people every day.
What have in common a Italo-german pastry chef, an Irish lawyer, an Australian actress, an Indian filmmaker, an American programmer, an Spanish teacher and writer, an English exbanker an Irish doctor and an American teacher? All of us share a passion for traveling. We have the same thirst for adventure! So we met in the hostel and decided to take the trip together to Chichén Itza.
Of course, the only Spanish speaker was me, so I kind of became the organizer of the trip. I have experience organizing field trips for my students, so it was a good experience. I had to bargain a lot to get us a good price, 525 pesos. The guy from the travel agency offer me a discount for being a native Spanish Speaker.
We were all pretty hangover, because the night before we experienced the local Cancún nightlife at the Glow, a very cool place. At 7am we met to take a bus from the place where all the buses leave for the excursions, the bus picked up many people from the fancy resorts of zona hotelera.
We left at 8.15, with a group of medicine students and Chinese people. We were lucky to get an amazing guide, Armando. He had worked together with National Geographic when they were in Chichén Itzá. He had a great sense of humor, and started making jokes from the very beginning, preventing us to falling asleep.
Our first stop was Valladolid, a colonial city founded by the Spanish on top of another city. They took us to eat afterwards to a lovely buffet. I had the chance to finally eat Cochinita pibil and sopa de lima. Cochinita pibil was my favorite, delicious pork meat!
Then, we headed to Chichén Itzá, where our guide gave us so many detailed explanations, about the Mayas. Armando comes from a Mayan community, who is just 90 km away from Chichén Itzá. He is fluent in Maya and explained us the Mayan Calendar and how important it’s for this civilization the relationship with the nature.
After this, we went to one of the most amazing cenotes I’ve even seen. A cenote is a natural limestone sinkhole that contains groundwater. It’s called Ikil and it’s 50 m deep. We jumped from 15m, it was such an adrenaline rush! So exhilarating!
On our way back, we had a punched tire. In other situations, that could have been very frustrating, but coming back from such a wonderful day we take it pretty good. The Medicine students in the tour started drinking beers and singing pop songs from all their different countries. We joined them and had a very good time! We got to the hostel exhausted, but we were still so excited that we kept talking and hanging out until very late. It was our last night together and we tried to enjoy each others company until the very end. With no doubts, one of the highlight of this trip.
On the bus, I realized that with so many pictures, videos and advices (specially to not Spanish speakers) I should write a short guide for backpackers. It will probably be an interactive book, low cost and full of materials to enjoy México as much as me and my traveler friends!
Thank you for reading, don’t forget to share it with all the people traveling to Mexico! Next post it will be about Tulum, another amazing place in Yucatan. Special thanks to my dear Tess for helping with the English version of the post!!
María Arlandis