Holbox Island, an unknown paradise

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Holbox Island, an unknown paradise


Many people had recommended Holbox to me, specially Alfonso, a Mexican guy who went to Tulum with myself and others. Holbox is a small island, North of Cancun. You need to take a bus from Cancun? to Chiquila (114 pesos) and then a ferry (100 pesos) to get there.
In my opinion, Holbox is the closest place to paradise where I’ve ever been. It  reminds me of Formentera and a small Bahamian island I visited many years  ago.  In Holbox, I created my favorite hashtag “paradisecollector“, that I used on Instagram. I encourage you to follow me there, on the account totravelistolive.org .

Holbox sunset

We stayed at hostel La Tribu, very well located, close to the beach and with really wonderful esthetics and decoration. We got a room for 4 people and the price was (add price), very good for the quality of the place we got. I loved that they had hamacas in the back yard, the atmosphere in the hostel it was really chill and warm.
We went to the beach and took a bath in the beautiful crystalline water. The sand is completely full of shells, I spend a long time choosing my favorite ones. After the relaxing bath we had a drink at the chiringuito next to the beach and made some new friends.

Holbox shells

The cocktail I’ve had there it was delicious, mango with some tequila. We were there chatting and relaxing, ready to see the sunset, but some clouds made this not as cool as we expected. I met Sergio, a Spanish guy who lives in Holbox and recommended me many places. Internet didn’t work out in our hostel and he was kind enought to share it with me to communicate with my family. Thank you Sergio, you rock!



We also met Moshiko, an israelian guy who join us for dinner and introduce us to his motto ‘no t-shirt, no shoes, no problem’. We had dinner together in an Argentinian pizza place, that was very good. The next day we rented bikes (25 pesos for an hour) and we rode? along the island. I wanted to do a tour to visit Isla Passion and other spots, but unfortunately the ferry and the last bus to Cancun were too early (the next day we were going to Cuba). Riding across the Island, stopping just for taking a bath and chill was very relaxing. The beach was completely empty and paradisiac. I had a problem with the chain of my bike and it took me a while to find somebody to help me fix it (I swear I did it one million times in Copenhagen, this bike wasn’t as easy). I was very impressed by the beauty of the graffitis made to decorate the town, art and landscape mixed very well.
 It really felt like paradise to me. Holbox is one of those places that even before you leave, you already wanna come back. I encourage you to stay minimum 3 nights to enjoy the vibe of the island. I was there in low-season, what I think it helps to chill there. You can also swim with the whale sharks here, from may to september for around 60 dollars, lower price than from Cancún.
One spot I liked it a lot there was the “Refugio de animales”, Shelter Holbox. There a lady takes care of wild and domestic animals with needs. You can help them with donations, at the moment we were there we saw pelicans, dogs, raccoons, mapaches, cats and many other animals. There they rescue animals and rehabilitate them. The founder is a really sweet lady than was very kind to us and explain us a lot about the refuge. You have more information about the Shelter here.
Please, if you have the chance go to Holbox. Isla Mujeres is pretty awesome, but nothing compares to Holbox in my Yucatan experience.
María Arlandis