Guide of Medellin: Enjoy the trendiest city in South America

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Guide of Medellin: Enjoy the trendiest city in South America

Medellin has something that traps you there. I won’t say Medellin is a beautiful city, it’s not full of monuments or places to visit, but of course it has some of that too. I would say that for example Cartagena is a beautiful city, and Medellin is city to experience. That’s the reason it’s so hard to leave Medellin; there is always something else to do!

guideofmedellin20 years ago, Medellin was considered The Most Dangerous City in the World” by Time magazine due to the drug war started by Pablo Escobar. Medellin has worked very hard to transform its violent past into a safe city, with many urban development projects. At the moment it is the only city in Colombia with metro and cable metro.


Now, Medellin has become one of the more modern cities in South America and one of the trendiest cities in the world. It has a great climate year round, and is full of green spaces and flowers amidst the urban sprawl.



Things to do in Medellin

Free walking tour, You will have to book at least one day and a half in advance , but it’s worth it. They will give you a good introduction to the city history and downtown.

Plaza Botero:

This iconical Square is full of Botero’s voluptous sculptures. Botero is one of the most popular artists alive, he donated his work to the public space. Grab a coffee, take a seat and just enjoy looking at the people who are passing by. Metro stop: Parque Berrio.


Museo de Antioquía: This museum has a lot of paintings of Botero, but also from others artists. He donated part of his personal collection to the Museum.  It features Colombian ceramics by region, baroque artists, and rotating exhibits on modern art. Price 12 mil. Metro stop: Parque Berrio.

Parque Berrío

Not really a park. Go down at this metro station and walk around the church. You will see many street vendors, some selling movies, music and porn; others watches and clothes in a large market that spans for blocks called El Hueco..

Parque Arví take the metro Cable to Santo Domingo, maybe go down and walk around the neighborhood, then go back and go to Parque Arví. Great views. There you can ask for different walks and activities. We went to the mariposario and it was great to see so many butterflies, some of them even making love.


Other ideas;

  • Jardin Botanico
  • Escaleras Electricas and Comuna 13
  • Catedral old prison
  • Laureles and Calle 70
  • Pueblito Paisa. Good place to enjoy a panoramic of the city.

Football matches. Medellin has two football teams, National and Independiente. Go to a match of one of them (both share the same stadium) the tickets fluctuate between 15000 to around 40000. If you can buy them some days in advance. If you are gonna see the Independiente choose Norte to enjoy the better atmosphere with everybody singing and cheering up the team. Metro station: Estadio


Good hostels to stay in Medellin:

Most of the tourist and the expats choose el Poblado, a very hipster neighborhood full of fancy restaurants and hostels. It is very safe. It is located next to one metro station called Poblado which makes it a great location to jump on and off.

Garden of blues

If you want a quiet and cute hostel, go to Garden of Blues. The breakfast is good and included, nice decoration and atmosphere. Recommended to book in advanced.

Casa Kiwi or Happy Budha are party hostels. Not breakfast included.

Both hostels are really good for going out, Happy Budha has a pub crawl on Wednesday.

Recommended to book in advanced.

Where to learn salsa in Medellin

Dance Free: You can get private or group lessons of salsa, bachata in El Poblado for as little as 40000 pesos, or a free group lesson once a week http://www.dancefree.com.co/

Where to eat in Medellin

If you are staying in El Poblado you should be aware that it’s an expensive neighborhood. Here we will recommend you some tasty and not that expensive places:

Veg Station: Nice vegetarian reataurant, menu for lunch 11500. Delicious food with soup, main dish, juice and dessert included. The tamales are fantastic!

Verdeo: Great for vegetarians and vegans with a wide variety of flavors. They have prices from 10-25 mil per dish.

Naan: Indian restaurant, not cheap but perfect if you don’t mind about spending extra one day! You will pay around 20000-30000!

If you can go to the Farmers Market (Mercado Campesino) on Sunday in el Poblado. You will be able to try delicious food low cost.

Where to go out in Medellin

Medellin has crazy nightlife, that is one of the reasons is hard to leave. There is always something going on.

Go to Parque Lleras to start your night, then you can go to La central (salsa and commercial music) Chupitos (commercial music) and for dancing all night La Ruana de Juana is the place to go.

Don’t hesitate to go to Medellin, it’s a city that never disappoints and it’s difficult to forget. If you have more suggestions to things to do in this city leave us a comment.