First impressions from Cancún

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First impressions from Cancún

Hello everyone! I’m writing to you from Cancún. I flew on a huge jumbo plane: it was the first time I traveled in a charter flight, I chose this one because I just paid 574 euros from Madrid to Cancun. That’s the reason I decided to travel from the 20th of August to the 27th of September in my first solo trip. I’m gonna meet some friends along the way, but this trip it’s a big challenge and a dream at the same time.
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I’ve got many tips for my trip from many friends and friends of friends. They recommended me very interesting things and all of them low cost, but it’s perfect for me because I’m gonna be traveling with my backpack on a budget.
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I’ve already been lucky to meet a Spanish nice couple who are next to me on the plane. They have been in Mexico, so they gave me some tips for my adventure and we are planning on visiting things together. I also met a nice American girl who invited me to join her friends.
On my first day I just got to the hotel, took a shower and went to the supermarket. My hotel is in the center of Cancun, not in zona hotelera (where all the resorts are). I decided to take a cheap hotel for the first night, to deal with my jet lag and chill a little bit. But I’m already looking for hostels, please write me a comment if you can suggest me something nice and cheap.
My next plans are to organize the first days of my trip:
Here you can see some points of my bucket list for Yucatán Peninsula, my first destination.
I will try to go to all the places of my list and recommend you the best choices according to my experiences.
  1. Chitchen Itza
  2. Isla Mujeres
  3. Holbox
  4. Playa del Carmen
  5. Tulum
  6. Isla Cozumel
  7. Cobá
  8. Palenque
  9. Mérida
  10. Laguna Bacalar
To eat:
  1. Cochinita Pibil
  2. Sopa de lima
  3. Papadzules
  4. Panuchos

I encourage you to give me some tips and recommendations for my trip!

María Arlandis