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Six free apps and websites to travel cheaper and smarter!

As a frequent traveler and travel blogger I am often asked by my friends about the best and most trendy apps to travel low-cost. Here are six of my favorites: Rome to Rio: https://www.rome2rio.com/es/ This one I discovered when I was traveling around South America earlier this year. You write where you are and where […]

My experience traveling alone as a woman in South America

I was in Colombia, traveling on my own, when I heard about the two Argentinian girls murdered in Montañita, Ecuador. I felt as though it could have been me, since I  had been backpacking for the last 2 months around Mexico and Colombia. Countries which are, in theory, more dangerous than Ecuador. It broke my […]

12 tricks I use to save money to travel the world!

Lately, as I started traveling even more than before, so many people asks me how can I afford to travel so much. That question is kind of annoying. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you: I don’t sell drugs or have a magic trick to be able to save. I work hard as a Spanish teacher and […]

Why researching is the key to traveling well

It has been almost three years since I came to Copenhagen with one suitcase to try and settle down here and create a life with a steady 9 to 5 job, a rented apartment in Amager, six weeks of vacation every year and beers on a Thursday evening. I know it doesn’t work like that: first of […]

10 things to do to have a bad time in Cuba (and many other countries)

After meeting some people on my trip who were terribly close-minded, and didn’t do the necessary research before their trip, I encourage you to please not to do this things if you travel to Cuba or any other “poor” countries. 1. Be arrogant. You come from a country with wifi and freedom, so you are […]