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Interview to Brooke Larson, yoga beer teacher and traveler

I had the chance to meet Brooke years ago in Valencia, when she was visiting Eileen, a common friend. Now Brooke is a very experienced traveler and she is the face of the popular Instagram account @BEERYOGA, creator of #BeerYoga and owner of Beer Yoga, LLC.  With over 27K followers, she is spreading her love […]

How I sold my house to see the world

Perth, Australia. 2007 to June 2014 I thought my life was heading in the right direction. I had an easy job that paid me well enough to allow me to build a house together with my brother. But over the course of the next few years, I sunk into a feeling of helplessness. A feeling […]

5 years hitchhiking over 105.000km through 6 continents, Ruta Pachamama

You will agree with me that when you travel, you meet all kinds of people with fascinating stories. In this post I’m going to interview one of those persons so maybe he can inspire you as much as he inspired me. While I was travelling solo around Brazil, I met Julien Landais, a French guy, […]