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7 must food experiences in Valencia, Spain

Daria Gushchenkova, who runs a delicious food tour in Valencia, Spain, shares some mouth-watering ideas on how to have authentic food experiences in this city. Valencia, considered Europe’s garden, is a land of reputable quality produce and is paella’s birthplace! I had the pleasure to meet Daria via her delicious IG feed, and since then she […]

How living abroad for the first time changes your life

I still remember the date, October 23, 2010, and although I have a fish memory, I remember it because it marked a before and an after in my life. I had always liked traveling, but let’s just say that over there I realized that this was my true passion in this world. My first experience […]

6 things I’ve learned from Denmark

I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for almost 3 years. I feel a little bit Danish now as there are many situations that constantly remind me how much Denmark has changed me for the better. I had a love/hate relationship with the country, since I love many aspects of the society, but Danish winter is not for […]