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Guide to get to Machu Picchu low cost

Who has never dreamed about visiting Machu Picchu? It’s the most popular tourist destination in Peru, and the most desired in the world according to a list with 25 awards destinations in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards 2016. Machu Picchu is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World according to the New Open World […]

Guide of Medellin: Enjoy the trendiest city in South America

Medellin has something that traps you there. I won’t say Medellin is a beautiful city, it’s not full of monuments or places to visit, but of course it has some of that too. I would say that for example Cartagena is a beautiful city, and Medellin is city to experience. That’s the reason it’s so […]

Galapagos for backpackers: low cost guide

To be honest, Galapagos wasn’t in my plans. But I met some nice people going there. They told me if I didn’t go to Galapagos I would regret it. Then I decided to go to Galapagos in a budget. Honestly, it was the best decision: Galapagos is  without a doubt, one of the most astonishingly beautiful places I’ve ever been. However, going to Galapagos as a backpacker is not cheap. My recommendation is going to […]

My experience traveling alone as a woman in South America

I was in Colombia, traveling on my own, when I heard about the two Argentinian girls murdered in Montañita, Ecuador. I felt as though it could have been me, since I  had been backpacking for the last 2 months around Mexico and Colombia. Countries which are, in theory, more dangerous than Ecuador. It broke my […]