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7 must food experiences in Valencia, Spain

Daria Gushchenkova, who runs a delicious food tour in Valencia, Spain, shares some mouth-watering ideas on how to have authentic food experiences in this city. Valencia, considered Europe’s garden, is a land of reputable quality produce and is paella’s birthplace! I had the pleasure to meet Daria via her delicious IG feed, and since then she […]

11 free and cool places to enjoy visiting Copenhagen

As you probably know, Copenhagen is among the world’s ten most expensive cities, according to data from the Economist magazine’s report ‘Worldwide Cost of Living 2016′. After living there for almost 3 years, I want to share with you my favorite 11 free things to do in Copenhagen, an amazing but expensive city. I recommend […]

Guide to get to Machu Picchu low cost

Who has never dreamed about visiting Machu Picchu? It’s the most popular tourist destination in Peru, and the most desired in the world according to a list with 25 awards destinations in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards 2016. Machu Picchu is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World according to the New Open World […]

Guide of Medellin: Enjoy the trendiest city in South America

Medellin has something that traps you there. I won’t say Medellin is a beautiful city, it’s not full of monuments or places to visit, but of course it has some of that too. I would say that for example Cartagena is a beautiful city, and Medellin is city to experience. That’s the reason it’s so […]

Galapagos for backpackers: low cost guide

To be honest, Galapagos wasn’t in my plans. But I met some nice people going there. They told me if I didn’t go to Galapagos I would regret it. Then I decided to go to Galapagos in a budget. Honestly, it was the best decision: Galapagos is  without a doubt, one of the most astonishingly beautiful places I’ve ever been. However, going to Galapagos as a backpacker is not cheap. My recommendation is going to […]

My experience traveling alone as a woman in South America

I was in Colombia, traveling on my own, when I heard about the two Argentinian girls murdered in Montañita, Ecuador. I felt as though it could have been me, since I  had been backpacking for the last 2 months around Mexico and Colombia. Countries which are, in theory, more dangerous than Ecuador. It broke my […]

6 things I’ve learned from Denmark

I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for almost 3 years. I feel a little bit Danish now as there are many situations that constantly remind me how much Denmark has changed me for the better. I had a love/hate relationship with the country, since I love many aspects of the society, but Danish winter is not for […]

What to see in Rotterdam in less than 24 hours and on a budget!

Rotterdam is quite different from the rest of the Netherlands It is the second largest city in the Netherlands. Since I already visited Utrecht and Amsterdam I decided to meet with my friend Chris, who I met in Cuba. He was a wonderful guide of Rotterdam, one of the most modern cities in Europe. Moreover, […]

How to become enchanted by Skt. Petersburg

Haven’t you always wondered what Putin’s Russia is really like? What is hiding behind the well-guarded borderlines of one of the world’s biggest countries? Growing up with Hungarian parents I have been inaugurated with, not so much a hate, but more like a disdainfulness of Russia and everything that’s Russian. Maybe I should highlight that […]

Holbox Island, an unknown paradise

Many people had recommended Holbox to me, specially Alfonso, a Mexican guy who went to Tulum with myself and others. Holbox is a small island, North of Cancun. You need to take a bus from Cancun? to Chiquila (114 pesos) and then a ferry (100 pesos) to get there. In my opinion, Holbox is the […]

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