12 tricks I use to save money to travel the world!

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12 tricks I use to save money to travel the world!

Lately, as I started traveling even more than before, so many people asks me how can I afford to travel so much. That question is kind of annoying. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you: I don’t sell drugs or have a magic trick to be able to save. I work hard as a Spanish teacher and I’m lucky my book (El español de la calle, about Spanish slang) sells pretty well.

I don’t have millionaire parents who pay for my trips, but I’m lucky enough they taught me how to save money since I was very little. I’ve never been a spendaholic. I remember having my first piggybank when I was around 8. When I was older and my parents gave me little money every week I saved always a part of it, while some of my girlfriends spent it all. With time I always developed my own tricks to save, but I learned a lot from my mother bargain skills too!

Traveling is my priority, so I focus on that. Maybe your priority is buying expensive shoes or going to fucking expensive festivals…

1. Loyalty cards for airlines and other stuff

I buy all my cosmetics at sephora, so I get amazing discounts (20% or even 30% sometimes), for that reason  I try to get everything expensive there. I have loyalty cards from Norwegian airlines (my favorite low cost so far) and places like abacus or decathlon.


2.Doing lots of research before buying.

Don’t buy on impulse. Time is money, and using your time on research can save you sooo much money! I spend soooo long doing research for flights. It can take me days or even weeks, but that way I get amazing prices, last one only 487 to travel Valencia to Cancún round trip! Skyscanner is your best choice, I will publish soon an article about it!

3. Buying only in sales.

When I was living in Denmark I couldn’t afford to go shopping (except second hand stores) so that helped me really learn to wait before buying. Outlets are my favourite, you can get 50% off a wonderful coat for instance, when you buy it out of season .

4. Selling all the shit you don’t need anymore. Old game boy from when you were a child? Speakers you don’t use anymore? Get rid of all that and use it to drink beers or cocktails somewhere far away and exotic.

5. Using blablacar, hostels, airbnb, couchsurfing and cheap airlines.

Using blablacar to travel between cities in Europe will really reduce your expenses. One example, one way bus ticket Valencia- Madrid is around 33 euros, blablacar can be just 15.

Airbnb is the same concept, why paying for accommodation if you can stay in a house for less money? With also the opportunity to use the kitchen for saving even more money on breakfast and lunch… I used to rent my apartment when I was on holiday when living in Denmark, if you rent your house while traveling it will help you get extra money.

6.Save a part of your income every month.

Set your bank account to take off a part of your salary to a saving account, 50 euros a month for a year is 600 euros, I paid less for my flights to Mexico, Thailand or India. Of course it’s better if you can save up more. If you don’t see that money in your bank account you won’t spend it!

7. Choose the most affordable destination. I’ve been dreaming about going to Peru since I can’t  even remember. I wanted to go there on my last trip, but then I saw flying to Mexico was half price, so I changed my mind and chose Mexico instead. I didn’t regret it, Mexico was amazing and I’m hopefully going to Peru very soon.

8. Be flexible and travel off season. I know that’s not possible in every job, but I promise it’s worth it. Being in Holbox Island in low season, with almost nobody around was cheaper and priceless.

Prioritize. That expensive whatever is one week expenses in Mexico…


9. Don’t drink your savings or eat out your savings!

Yes, I love having a beer with my friends. Eating out is one of my favourite things to do since I’m a foodie. But sometimes it’s worth not drinking (or eating out) in order to save. Do you prefer drinking an expensive beer in your hometown or a glamorous drink much cheaper in a place that looks like paradise?


10. Take overnight trips and sleep while you travel.

This is not always possible (we couldn’t do it in Cuba for instance) but in Mexico it was a good idea, buses were super comfortable and 8 or 12 hours drive during the night it’s not that bad.


11. Travel slow. If you wanna see a big country in a short period of time you will have to spend more money than if you go to less places or travel for a longer time. Taking buses normally is cheaper than flying, but I encourage you guys to always check it beforehand. I found out the plane from San Cristóbal de las Casas (Tuxla airport) was the same price as the 19 hours bus…

Figure it out your month expenses. Look how you can cut them. Use the bike instead of  public transportkindleelespañol

12. Create a source of passive income or work online. I wrote my book El español de la calle, it took me a long time and effort but it’s so nice to be able to get income when I’m traveling. If you are not good at writing, start an online business, teach English, Spanish or whatever online or sell your skills on websites like fiverr or  peopleperhour.

What are your tips and advice for traveling cheap? Leave us a comment telling us your best tips! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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  • Very Hungry Nomads

    Great advice on saving money!
    It is the most common question we get asked after traveling the world. How can you afford it? As you mentioned, if you really want to travel, it should be easy to give up a few luxuries and save for that epic trip! And travelling slow as you said. 🙂
    We have now seen over 100+ countries with fairly average wages so yes, it is possible! Keep on traveling and sharing that passion! Happy travels!

    25/02/2016 at 5:47 am