12 festivals in 12 weeks – Hello Documentary

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12 festivals in 12 weeks – Hello Documentary

I love music festivals because seeing your favourite DJs/bands live is simply amazing, you always discover new incredible bands, the people are happy and you can breathe the good vibes in the atmosphere. At the beginning of last summer, I met a group of four American guys from Chicago in Sónar Festival (Barcelona), one of the best electronic music festivals in Spain. They came to Europe to chase a dream, bought a van and drove over 16.000 km through 18 different countries to record a documentary about 12 major European festivals interviewing world-class artists, industry gurus and electric characters along the way. In this post, I’m going to interview one of the guys, Bobby Savino, to show you the inspiring story of Hello Documentary.

Hello Documentary crew

The Hello Documentary crew

  • How would you describe what Hello Documentary is about?

­ Hello Documentary is a communities culture politics people on a daily basis. The back drop of the movie is a story of me and my friends pursuit of adventure and passion and how we make our dream come true.

  • How did you decide to do it?

­ I decided to go on the trip when I found out that my brother was going to go on the adventure on his own. I could not let him do that because of how hard it would be for him to film, ask interview questions and also record the whole video….and it was an opportunity for me to go travel around Europe with my brother!

Bobby and Tony at Sónar festival - Hello documentary

Tony, the director of the documentary and Bobby at Sónar festival

  • Was it difficult to carry it out at the beginning?

­ YES! It absolutely was. We ran into some car trouble and ended up having to buy a new car but that was not in our budget. That was very stressful on all of us. Also at the beginning none of us with the exception of my brother had done this before so we didn’t really know what to do. For example, how to film, how to even use the cameras and other equipment, what questions to ask in the interviews or how to use our words to sneak back stage. By the end of the summer all 4 of us were masters at everything.

  • What do you like the most about festivals?

­ Festivals have a different vibe than concerts, and camping festivals vs city festivals also have differences between them. At festivals, I notice there is more of a community feeling and everyone seems to look out for each other even though they have never met before. People are there to not only see the music but to also meet new people and hear their stories. When I am at a festival I love that I have the ability to see 5, 10 even 20 shows in a day and in all genres.

Glastonbury festival - Hello documentary


  • I know it’s a difficult question but, which festival did you like the most and why?

Welllll, it was a tie between two of them, but they were very different. My favorite “BIG” festival was Glastonbury. Why? First, there were 250,000 people there including all the volunteers. This made it the 3rd biggest city in England at the time (don’t quote me on that, its just what I heard at the festival ;)). Another reason why I liked Glasto so much was the food section. There was every type of food from all across the world there and they were all lined up next to each other! My favorite was traditional English mash, peas and pie…and of course the fresh donuts!! Another thing that made Glastonbury so special was everything that was going on during the festival that was not music. They had a full circus performing in one of the camp areas. There was also a meditation and wellness area the was all free and open to everyone. We met one guy there who said he has been going to Glastonbury for 15 years and he still hadn’t seen everything. There were mini towns built within the festival grounds that you could explore all hours of the night.

The other festival we all loved was Smuk Festival in Denmark. “Smuk” translates to beautiful and we were at the “Beautiful Festival”. The entire festival was in a big forest that was next to a lake. The main reason why we all loved Smuk Festival was because of how the festival treated everyone. From the fans to the press to the artists, everyone loved going to Smuk Fest. EVERYONE was treated like they were VIP and it made the experience so much better.

Tony with Milky Chance - Hello Documentary

Tony with Milky Chance

  • Did any of the artist you interviewed surprise you, in which sense?

Florence from Florence and the Machine was amazing. She is one of the nicest most genuine artist I have ever met. Once we told her what we were doing she welcomed us into her dressing room with open arms and introduced us to her entire band. She answered all the questions we had for her and she also told us all about her musical career.

  • Which was the hardest part of the trip, why? And the best?

The hardest part was probably leaving each festival/city/town after a long fun weekend. Saying goodbye to new friends was hard but at the same time meeting new friends was the best part of the trip! Another “best part” of the trip was seeing almost all of Europe by car. AND we ate our way across Europe! So much amazing food!

Flume at Melt! festival - Hello documentary

Flume at Melt! Festival

  • What life experience have you learned in these months?

I learned that I need to travel more!! I love to travel and wish I could do it forever. I also learned that there are a lot of amazing people in the world. Throughout our trip we met people that welcomed us into their homes and dinner tables. There is a lot of good people in the world and I want to travel the world and meet them all!

  • We all know in festivals all kind of crazy stories happen, tell us about one of many that I’m sure you have.

I don’t even know where to start! One of my favorite memories at the beginning of the trip was when we went on the BUMPER CARS at Sonar. I remember smiling and laughing so hard that my face hurt! At Smuk Festival in Denmark I was on stage with Avicii when he was performing in front of 30.000 people. AND sneaking backstage into the artists areas at all the festivals was a crazy experience on its own.

Bobby with The Upbeats at Exit festival - Hello documentary

Bobby with The Upbeats at Exit festival

  • When/where are you expecting to release the documentary?

We are planning on finishing the documentary as soon as possible so all of the artists and songs are still popular and relevant. But making a movie takes time. We think we will be done with everything in about a year and we will submit it to any and all film festivals we can, both in the US and in Europe. This will happen in the spring of 2017 most likely.

Below you can see the list of all the festivals they went to:

MIDEM – Cannes, Francehello-documentary-map

SÓNAR – Barcelona, Spain

GLASTONBURY – Pilton, England

IL PALIO – Siena, Italy

EXIT – Novi Sad, Serbia

MELT! – Ferropolis, Germany

TOMORROWLAND – Boom, Belgium

SPECIAL EVENT – Berlin, Germany

SMUKFEST – Skanderborg, Denmark

OYA – Toyenparken, Norway

WAT OUT WEST – Goteborg, Sweden

ROCK EN SEINE – Paris, France

What I personally like the most about Hello is that it’s about the pursuit of a passion. It shows that when you have a dream, you have to fight for it and, although you can come across with difficult situations, at the end everything is worth it! I’ve always lived my life with this philosophy and thanks to that, I am where I am now and couldn’t be happier. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the results!

If you would like to know more about this fascinating story, you can follow them on their Facebook page: Hello Documentary.

Good luck guys, I’m sure you are going to have a lot of success! 🙂

Tomorrowland festival - Hello documentary


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