10 things to do to have a bad time in Cuba (and many other countries)

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10 things to do to have a bad time in Cuba (and many other countries)

After meeting some people on my trip who were terribly close-minded, and didn’t do the necessary research before their trip, I encourage you to please not to do this things if you travel to Cuba or any other “poor” countries.

1. Be arrogant. You come from a country with wifi and freedom, so you are superior because of that. Bragg about it in front of the locals if they try to interact with you. Think everything has to be cheap because “it’s a poor country”. Ethnocentrism is cool… (by the way, most of the people of that “poor” country you might be visiting would be probably more educated than you).

2. Think everybody wants to mock you, they can’t be decent if they are poor, right? Remember Jean Valjean… such a bad person, ah?

3. Don’t make an effort to speak the local language. EVERYBODY should speak your language. They have to learn your language, because you are so busy being ethnocentric that  you can not find time to learn 10 words in a foreign language…

4. Be a smart ass. Remember all the people in your country things work better, because you are smarter. If the locals are trying to give you advice, they don’t know anything…

5. Don’t smile to people. If you smile to them, they might try to rape you or steal your money.


6. Don’t interact with the locals. If they wanna talk to you it’s because they wanna get your money.All of them are thieves, remember?

7. Complain all the time about how expensive is everything and how everything is cheaper in your wonderful country. Oh wait, if it’s so good, why are you traveling??

8. Don’t make an effort to understand why the locals have a tough life. They are poor because they are lazy… like in Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain. Everybody knows in the Latin countries we are lazy people who just sleeps siesta and party all the time, getting money from the rich countries.


9. Expect everything to be on time or work the same way than in your homeland. Your way is the only right way. If they don’t do it like you, they are wrong. Don’t listen to people trying to help you, they might be trying to mock you.

10. Wear clothes showing too much flesh compared to the locals. Don’t try to dress like them. Dressing according to their local rules to avoid unwanted attention is too mainstream for you. When in Rome do as the romans do it’s not for you…

More tips about Cuba coming soon. It’s not a cheap country, but I promise you it’s worth it.

María Arlandis