Want to travel the world? But don’t know how to start.

So you want to travel the world? But you don’t know where to start. Most people want to travel and most people don’t know how because they can’t see how they can make it happen.

There are so many things that stop people from traveling the world. A full time job, family commitment, debt, and so much more. When the thought “I want to travel” pops into most peoples mind it is immediately replaced with all the reasons why they can’t.

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I love travel and adventure and really believe that we should all experience new places. Lets look at how we can fix the things that are stoping us from travel and finally take the trip of a lifetime.

Here are the top 3 things you will have to figure out when starting to travel the world.

#1 I don’t have enough money – this is a big one.

If you don’t have enough money then you can’t really afford to do much. But don’t worry we have some ways around this. You need to figure out a way to get more money on top of your current income or even save money.

Are you spending money that you could be saving for your travels? Try to see where you can cut some costs and start putting the extra into a savings account specifically for your planed vacation. Then figure out some ways of making a bit extra on the side to grow your savings even faster.

#2 I don’t have the time to travel

If you work full time or even overtime you might think there is no way I have time to go anywhere let alone travel. The fact is that most people don’t even use their vacation time. If you plan far enough in advance you can request your travel time off with your boss and even plan it near a weekend or holiday where you might get even more days off at once. The key here is to make sure you request your time in advance.

#3 I don’t know how to plan a trip or am scared

The easiest way to get over your fear is just do it. Learn from others that are experienced travelers and even ask someone for help. The more that you learn about what to expect when planing your trip then you will be less and less scared. You will also know exactly how to book your flight, hotel, rental car ect because you will learn all this from others.

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Travel the world with me and start today.

My favorite adventure travel blog is askforadventure.com they have some great tips on places to go and things to do when you are looking to plan your next adventure.